The Road Ahead

I know that I don’t log onto WordPress much these days and if you’re still following my blog then thank you. I honestly appreciate everyone who has commented and giving me encouragement. The thing is, it’s difficult to reach a big audience on WordPress and this blog feels a bit directionless to gain a solid following. I mostly want to write about pop culture in regards to film and TV. I want to discuss plot lines, tropes, characters, etc. And I’m not sure if this is the best place to do it right now.

That being said, I might still make a post on here from time to time, but I’m moving on to other blogging sites. I want to experiment and see if I can reach more people. Right now I’m making articles on Movie Pilot and you can follow my journey there by clicking on this handy dandy link: I don’t have much up there yet, but I’ll probably convert some of my older posts and update them for Movie Pilot.

You can also follow me on Twitter using this amazing link: where I post about life, coffee, and links to upcoming articles. I hope you guys stay around, but if you don’t then thank you again for following this random blog of mine.

I’ll try to post monthly or bi-monthly just to keep it alive, but you’ll mostly be seeing me elsewhere.

Later days!