8 Good Things in 2016

2016 hasn’t been easy by any means and I know people are worn down by the year as a whole. I also know some of us (me included) are concerned about the aftermath being carried into 2017. It’s hard not to feel cynical, but I’m an optimist at heart. Even if I join in on the 2016 meme, I don’t think this year was a complete waste. Let’s end it on a happier note and remember the good in 2016.

1.) Great Year for Movies


Remember this is the year that brought us Deadpool, Captain America 3: Civil War, Rouge One, Shin Godzilla, and Doctor Strange. Those are only a few of the films that made a brighter weekend for many of us.

2.) Great year for Superheroes


Aside from phenomenal blockbusters with our favorite Avengers, this year was also good for superheroes on the small screen. Netflix gave us season 2 of Daredevil (and introduced Punisher who was fantastic) and Luke Cage in beautiful looking and heart pounding first season. We also got a 4 night crossover event from all of the DC shows on the CW. On a personal note, I also started watching all of the DC shows this year and as someone who grew up reading DC comics and watching Teen Titans and Justice League, it was wonderful falling in love with all my old favorites again.

3.) Televised Live Shows


I am a musical theater nerd. I can’t help it. Only I live 2 or more hours away from cities that put on big shows so besides that one amazing Chicago production of Wicked, I haven’t seen many theatrical productions. I love that some channels are now doing live productions for people to watch at home who may not be able to travel to the theater let alone afford the tickets. This year we were given Grease Live and Hairspray Live, which I adored and I can’t wait for more!

4.) Cubs Win!


I’m not a baseball fan (or even a sports fan), but my hometown is 2 hours from Chicago and most of my family adores the Cubs. My dad and grandmother especially do and seeing them get excited over this historic win made me happy too. Also, how can I not feel proud of my home state?

5.) Hamilton Mixtape


Some people may say Hamilton is overrated, but I don’t care. It’s wonderful, give it a listen.

6.) Dirk Gently


2016 gave us some great movies, but also a great show. I love Douglas Adams and seeing a version of one of his novels come to life was a blast to watch. There are only 8 episodes in the first season, but if you haven’t watched it yet I recommend it! It’s ridiculous, heartfelt, and witty with A+ casting.

7.) Little Celebrations


On a small note, just remember that someone met the love of their life this year. Someone traveled for the first time. Someone got married. Someone got a promotion. Someone adopted an animal. Someone graduated. Someone found good friends. Someone finished their novel. Someone found a sense of purpose. Someone binged a whole series on Netflix and lived with no regrets (this last one is me).

8.) My Personal Successes


I haven’t accomplished great things, but I did have some personal successes this year. I finished 2 more semesters of grad school. I had 3 poems get accepted into the International Pop Culture Conference for 2017. I reconnected with some old friends. I had a bit more courage this year to chase after the things I wanted and to break out of my shell a little more. This year I want to be more courageous, kinder, and wiser. Yes, I did just ask for the end results of the Wizard of Oz.


Feel free to comment with your best memories this year. Sending out good vibes for 2017!


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