Christmas Reading

Ah, Christmas break. It’s arguably one of the best times of the year because A.) Good food and B.) Time off work. And time off work means catching up with that reading list I made over the summer that never got completed. Only during the holiday season I usually want some festive reading material. After all, tis the season of Christmas movies and specials so why not add in books?

The only problem with festive reading is that my break is never quite long enough to devour full length novels despite some Christmas classics out there that deserve attention. That’s why this year I’ve been turning to short stories and poetry because they satisfy my book craving and fit into my schedule. Right now I’m on the hunt for short Christmas stories, but I haven’t quite found what I’m looking for yet. That doesn’t mean the search isn’t fun though. The more I research poems and short stories, the more authors I’m introduced to who would have slipped under my radar.

I also discovered that some of my favorite authors have posted their own holiday special from series online. Maggie Steifvater wrote a Raven Cycle holiday short story, which is everything I ever wanted and more. I discovered it last year and I’ve found myself coming back to it already. The nice thing about short festive stories is that they can be easily read year after year to keep the tradition alive much like my favorite holiday films.


I really want to throw this blog post out to you guys though. What holiday stories do you fall back on or have discovered this year? Also, if you know any good authors of short fiction or poets please recommend them in the comments!


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