Perfect Writing Weather

If you’re someone who loves to write, you can write almost anywhere at anytime. It doesn’t matter what the world may look like outside your window – maybe the sun is setting or just beginning to creep up over the horizon for a nice hello. Maybe the ground is buried beneath a pale, chilling glitter or mosquitoes and other insects cling to the window screen as you go into chapter 5. I can write all year round, but there’s still a certain type of weather that inspires me to do more. When I wake up in October to a brisk air drifting through my rain spattered window under an overcast sky, I must write. It’s the perfect weather for writing and it would be a shame to waste it.


I can’t explain what makes it so perfect, but I love it. There’s this cozy aspect of so it makes me want to stay curled up in my bed with the soft glow of my laptop. If this type of weather happens on a Sunday, even better because there’s nowhere I need to be. I’m free of obligations so I can immerse myself into typed stories. Sometimes I’ll even drive down to a coffee shop and grab a warm drink and a muffin to keep me going as I settle in for the morning. I feel a stronger connection to my characters and plot. Maybe it’s because I feel the most at peace during these rainy, October Sundays. They take my mind off anxieties and the news so I can place more focus on my passions. I can put more thought into the things that bring me joy.


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