From Books to Television

I’m not against books being adapted onto the big screen even if, as the saying goes, “the book was better”.  Of course the book is better. It’s impossible to fit every detail and moment into a 2 hour film, and sometimes characters and plot points fall into a pit where they’re completely forgotten.However, books being adapted in television series is another thing, and I’m honestly taking a liking to the rising trend.

In a TV series, the crew is given more room to handle a larger cast of characters and play with those intricate details. I still believe Harry Potter would make an excellent Netflix series so I’ll use it as an example. Having one book adapted in a 20 episode season would allow more time to show those slice of life moments at Hogwarts. The books themselves, especially the first few, go through the entire school year with many day-t0-day scenarios. These scenarios just include magical beasts and wizard high jinks. Imagine a whole episode about a field trip to Hogsmeade or Hargid teaching them about the Hippogriff. There would be time to neatly go through a year at Hogwarts through 20 episodes rather than squeeze all of that time into a roughly 2 hour film.

harry potterbatman

(The show would even have spinning transitions like an old Batman episode).

Also, for content material like Harry Potter, a TV series would allow more room for the characters to breathe and grow. In the films, many are left out or rarely shown on screen. One of Ron’s brothers, Percy, is absent despite having a vital role at times in the books. In any adaptation plot points will be cut, but with the format of an hour long TV series, characters like Percy would at least get a chance at being more involved than the films allowed them.

Not to mention that lately people enjoy television series more than movies. By adapting into this format, the books would have a better chance at reaching a wider audience. For longer book series, this might be more beneficial in case the movies don’t last as long as planned (think the Chronicles of Narnia). I’m not saying every adaptation will be perfect, but changing up the medium that novels get adapted into is a smart move. After all, look at the success of shows like Game of Thrones or Sherlock. Personally, I can’t wait for more book to televisions adaptations (looking at you American Gods and Dirk Gently).



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