Signs You Might be Having a (Not-So) Adventurous Summer

Ah, summer. A time for poolside tanning, romantic walks along the shoreline, movie nights, and iced coffee. The summer aesthetic is grounded in a sense of adventure, and everyone is expected to have the time of their lives. Unfortunately, not all of us can live up to this summertime daydream. Here are 5 signs that your summer isn’t quite as eventful as the movies:

1. ) You’re taking road trips to work instead of Disney World or some of the other happiest places on earth.

mr. tastee


2.) You’re spending those summer nights with Netflix instead of a Danny Zuko on the beach.

summer nights


3.) Your summer plans include organizing your Pinterest boards and sleeping instead of hiking and swimming.

lisa simpson


4.) Your 4th of July plans look like they’ll include a sparkler and McDonalds instead of fireworks and an all-out barbecue.

cap A


5.) That sun kissed tan and bikini body of yours closely resembles the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.

stay puft man

Remember that no matter what kind of summer you’re having, always make the most of it. Even if it’s not an adventure filled with romance, musical numbers, and a surf competition, don’t worry. Chances are you’re not alone.


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