The Dreamer


Sleep came to her slowly and gracefully, but felt painful and loud

In a dream she trudged through damp grass

Toward the edge of a dock

Morning birds screeched

The hound wailed

The dreamer did not respond

But her bones did quiver

She swayed back and forth until she was falling

Slowly, slowly

At last she collided with the pond

Water pierced itself into her every pore

It ran through her lungs and cradled her veins

Darkness dripped onto the pale blue

Light flickered in and out from the mourning sun above

Shadowed hands reached from the sand and grabbed onto her legs

More rose from the bottom of the lake and gripped her bones

They clawed at her face and pulled at her hair

Water filled her every sense and chilled her mind

She was sinking

Further, further

The shadows pulled her down into their world

They held her and suffocated her with their faceless bodies

They drank from her skin

They inhaled her breath

They broke her apart

Piece by piece

Until there was nothing left.


Signs You Might be Having a (Not-So) Adventurous Summer

Ah, summer. A time for poolside tanning, romantic walks along the shoreline, movie nights, and iced coffee. The summer aesthetic is grounded in a sense of adventure, and everyone is expected to have the time of their lives. Unfortunately, not all of us can live up to this summertime daydream. Here are 5 signs that your summer isn’t quite as eventful as the movies:

1. ) You’re taking road trips to work instead of Disney World or some of the other happiest places on earth.

mr. tastee


2.) You’re spending those summer nights with Netflix instead of a Danny Zuko on the beach.

summer nights


3.) Your summer plans include organizing your Pinterest boards and sleeping instead of hiking and swimming.

lisa simpson


4.) Your 4th of July plans look like they’ll include a sparkler and McDonalds instead of fireworks and an all-out barbecue.

cap A


5.) That sun kissed tan and bikini body of yours closely resembles the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.

stay puft man

Remember that no matter what kind of summer you’re having, always make the most of it. Even if it’s not an adventure filled with romance, musical numbers, and a surf competition, don’t worry. Chances are you’re not alone.

Running Away While Staying Put

When it comes to fight or flight, I’m a flight. Always. Without a doubt. No matter the situation, my first instinct is to run. Avoiding any problem feels like a genius solution that will surely return the zen I’m missing. I normally daydream of cross country road trips that will bring about adventure worthy enough for Instagram. The grass is always greener on the other side, right?

Sometimes it is, but running blindly towards that greener pasture won’t solve life’s problems. I wish it did, but sadly I’ve yet to have that lovely experience. More often than not, running away isn’t an option due to finances or those pesky things called responsibilities. Issues are inescapable even if I convince myself that they aren’t. No matter how far I drive, they’ll be waiting like some poorly dressed hitchhiker. So how do I run if I must stay put?

Read. Watching TV is a glorious distraction, and believe me when I say I love my shows. Still, reading normally does better at calming me down, and it doesn’t require electricity.

Write. Writing is the best way to organize the chaos in our minds. It helps me to understand life and all of its bizarre situations. It’s a creative way to vent when I long for the outlet.

Go Outside. Fresh air does wonders for the soul. Even if someone lives in an awkward place to walk around in, opening a window can be just as helpful instead of sulking behind dark curtains. I need to enjoy cozy, rainy days or bask in the sunlight. Even in the bug ridden summer, a little bit of nature oddly reassures that the sun will indeed come out tomorrow.

Aroma Therapy. Light candles, find  incense, or brew some coffee. Creating a sweetly scented place for yourself.

Create. Art is my favorite part of this world. I love all forms of it even if I’m not talented in any of them. I believe in finding a piece of art and immersing yourself in it. Be productive, imagine, and create. Never stop producing art. It’s another way to vent and comprehend problems happening in the real world. Only it’s done in a way that makes an impression, and there’s  beauty in it others will see too. Even for someone who feels like there’s no longer a point, they should keep creating. This is important.

I’m starting to realize that I don’t need to take a 13 hour drive to the coast to be free. I’d still like to some days, but making a creative place and finding inspiration in it helps me to stay put. I want to run toward something calming, productive, and helpful. I want to run without leaving.