St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, England


St. Paul’s Cathedral in London is absolutely gorgeous and with so much to explore inside. Also see that tower on the right? You can climb all the way to the top and believe it or not the girl who’s terrified of heights took a deep breath and went for it.


The view was amazing, but it wasn’t enough. Visitors can climb up even higher if they so wish. It felt long, the staircase is winding and filled with a great deal of waiting time. The top is so narrow that only a few people can be up at a time and you must keep moving in the circle so the rest can take in the sights before night falls.



This was easily one of the most terrifying, bravest, and brilliant decision I’ve ever made. The view was breathtaking with the sun just beginning to set behind London. I could see the Eye just off in the distance perfectly still as the city lights began to flicker to life. Just faintly I could see the outline of the Eiffel Tower from miles and miles off. For a moment I forgot that my knees should be shaking together. I wanted to stay up there until the sun set, but of course I had to keep moving. Still, it was one of the moments I can hardly capture in words, let alone in a blog post.

If you’re ever in London and the sun is setting, please take this climb. The serenity and just awe you feel is well worth the hike.


6 thoughts on “St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, England

    1. You should, it was one of my favorite moments of the trip. You can see the entire city and it’s just breathtaking.

      Also, safe travels! I’m a little jealous, I hope I can go back some day soon. I miss it like crazy!

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