May Flowers

IMGP9951IMGP9954blossoms May is one of my favorite months by far. It seems that May through October are some of the better times for me. Maybe it’s the atmosphere that comes between the budding of trees and the eventual fall of reds and golds. In May I think back to grade school and how during PE our class would go to the field to play kickball or baseball. I remember sitting on the grass and plucking dandelions when my team was up to bat. I remember walking out of school on the first warm day and being overcome with this sense of bliss when I realized I could shed the hefty coat over my shoulders. As I got older, it meant driving home with the windows unrolled. Having the Dairy Queen in our small town open up. Being able to take a walk through the park, maybe even drive up to a good hiking spot. Attending all of the summer blockbusters and feeling the pleasantly cool air walking back to the car. The scent of gentle thunderstorms. Fireflies blinking through the garden. Cicadas singing to one another as the sun goes down. May is just the start of that time. When the feeling of anticipation is still lingering, but we’re still receiving a good taste of what’s to come. It always feels like so many things are ending at this time and yet the promise of opportunity is in full swing. That freedom from all the restrictions winter can have brings out this idea that anything can happen from now until the leaves fall.


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