Wells Cathedral


My group visited about a cathedral a day while we were in England. So much that the reaction to seeing another was “Again? How many are there?”

Not a great reaction to pieces of history that are simultaneously beautiful to look at. The Wells Cathedral was one of the last we visited and I’ll admit that I wasn’t thrilled at first because I wanted to see some other sights. The moment we arrived that awe I had going into the first cathedral on the first day came right back with a renewed edge. This was one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever been to and the inside is just as stunning as the exterior. It’s still one of the most memorable destinations we were at. Unfortunately, I was unable to take any photos outside the lawn area.

The sheer detail in every bannister, every window, every inch of ceiling, every floor piece is inspiring. It’s so easy to become lost in those halls for a day.


3 thoughts on “Wells Cathedral

    1. And the results are, at least for me, more breathtaking than most the architecture created today. I’m glad there’s still people out there who have kept these places standing so all that hard work didn’t go to waste.

      1. I love the clean lines of modern buildings. I like the serenity of minimalism. But there is something awe inspiring in the talent and artistry in the stone and wood of yesteryear. The decades that went into creating them, eternally impressive.

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