Creative Ways to Deal with Writer’s Block

tis what

Sometimes I think I get writer’s block more than the average person should. I’m constantly writing one line, closing my Word tab, and then opening it up again ten minutes later only stare blankly at the screen or write another sentence before repeating. All in all, I still manage to get my words on paper, but having issues with writer’s block for so long has allowed me to get creative.

One thing I’ve recently started doing is using a Pinterest board. I know that once I wrote Pinterest, some of you rolled your eyes, but hear me out. I’m a visual learner and sometimes that trait carries into how I handle general tasks. I need to be able to see a picture of what I’m doing or what I should be doing. Even with writing, I often need to be staring at an image of a tree to describe a tree. My mind can’t always come up solutions without clear imagery. It’s been this way since I was a kid.

I got a Pinterest after having my mom nudge me towards it. I wasn’t sure what to pin and left my page relatively blank for months. Then I got the idea to start finding images that fit the stories I was trying to write. So far it’s helped tremendously in grasping the aesthetic I’m looking for. If I have a character who wears a baseball cap, I type in baseball cap and place it in the *insert story title here* board. From then on out the hat stands for the character who wears it and I can build the personality or motives around that one image. Same goes for the town I want to create or even just a building.

It’s a nice way to break away from writing while still doing something that involves your current project. Then there’s always the chance you’ll come across a pin that might inspire you for your next story that you can keep archived until needed. You can also keep the boards locked so that only you can view them if you feel the need for privacy.

Pinterest may not be your thing or it might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. The choice is up to you, but I know for me using it as a loose story board has been incredibly helpful and kept me on track. I love being able to open up a board, look at what I’ve found, and be reminded of where I want my story to go and get inspired to continue writing.


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