The Roman Baths


I loved visiting Bath last year. The city itself is beautiful and filled with old buildings history which are two things to grab attention and make me consider never leaving. The Roman Baths were the main attraction and I mostly remember seeing signs after every step demanding that no one touch the water.

Of course, I never did. Partly because I’m as much as a rebel as the “cool” kid on a Saturday morning cartoon and partly because the water didn’t look touchable. It was this minty green and there were exhibits in the museum telling us how many people died in the baths because they’d catch diseases from one another. If this information still has you reaching out to the water, then you have bumped yourself up to being as rebellious as the villain in a Saturday morning cartoon.

I saw countless people dipping their hands in and laughing. I’m sure the water isn’t as disease ridden as it used to be, but maybe I was born with a sincere lack of courage. Although, I did drink the water.

There was an area near the gift shop where the water was being filtered through a faucet for people to drink out of. A few girls and myself walked by it only to find one of our professors handing us a paper cup with warm water in it. She said something along the lines of “be daring.” Well, as daring as you can be when there’s a sign specifically inviting you to do something relatively safe.

I remember the water tasting somewhat like dirt. I can’t explain it. It was hot water that someone sprinkled soil into. It was a weird taste and I’m sure I dumped the cup out after one sip. Enough daring adventures for me that day.

Otherwise, it was just a lot of fun walking around the city. I hope I get the chance to go back one day.


5 thoughts on “The Roman Baths

    1. It’s definitely worth exploring (a little crowded though when I was there). Although, I was just happy to be in the city, such a beautiful area!

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