Dreaming of Spring

IMGP0104   IMGP0139 IMGP0160IMGP0190

When I look out my window, I see piles of snow and a harsh wind battering the trees. Not to say there isn’t beauty in winter, but the drop in temperatures and lack of green isn’t my ideal choice of scenery.

I took these photos back when I could walk outside without taking 10 minutes to bundle up and walk across the yard without the threat of frost bite. I never posted these before because I found images I liked better and I didn’t feel these had the right sense of quality. I realize a few are blurry, but I find myself drawn to the colors and the softness. I’m brought back to a lazy spring afternoon which I would love to have back at this moment.

I did brave the frigidness to get some winter photos, but I’ll save those for another time. For today, I’d rather take in the  floral and the dream of 60 degree weather.


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