Hyde Park in London

One of the last places I visited before leaving London was Hyde Park. A few other girls and I walked around the entire area it seemed like, but it was worth it. I loved seeing the statues and while the giant Mr. Darcy had been taken out of the water, we still found Peter Pan (who I was most excited about) and a few others. I wish that the lighting had been better and maybe the sun had been out, but it was a nice time.

Looking at these images  now, I find myself enjoying the darker sky because it fits the mood of that day. It was a bit of a lazy day for us all because were tired from the walking tour in the morning and we were also wishing that this wouldn’t be our last night in London. Especially considering we’d be returning to a snow covered and freezing Chicago. Even though I didn’t snap as many photos as I had planned to, I was enjoying good conversation and taking in what I could before heading home.

Not to mention, I have never seen so many dogs and ducks before in my life and it was wonderful!


2 thoughts on “Hyde Park in London

    1. Believe me, it was tempting, but I don’t think the people sitting next to me on the plane would have appreciated it. haha

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