Winter Sunset


After almost two weeks of no sun here in IL, it finally showed up. Still no snow for a white Christmas, but as I was pulling into my driveway yesterday I had grab my camera and take some photos of the sunset. I realize there’s an obvious glare in this picture, but I think it gives the photo some character. Either that or I have a weird eye for what’s considered artistic.

I’m hoping to get some snow photos later in the year, but we’ll see. In the meantime I thought this one had a warm, but barren feel to it. When all of the fields are cut and you live in the country, sometimes looking into the vast land is overwhelming and a little frightening. It’s always been eerie to me and solemn, but with the warm sun giving off a golden tone, the atmosphere is no longer so cold. The frigid plains become peaceful and breathtaking. This change doesn’t happen often for me, but it did yesterday and this image perfectly captures that emotion for me.


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