Snippets from England – Cozy Village and Jane Austin

I finally got around to editing another set of photos from my England trip! These are all from Jane Austin’s house and I was amazed at how well the place has been kept up all these years. I’m not the biggest Jane Austin fan, but I love history and I love seeing where famous authors grew up and wrote. The small village was charming and the house itself was sweet. If you’re ever in the area, I highly suggest visiting her home. Even if you’re not a Jane Austin fanatic, the house presents visitors with a cozy trip back in time.


Morning Coffee

These are photos I took last week while I was out of town. I was out front with my camera after my grandma asked me to get a photo of her home to frame eventually. My dad was on the porch drinking coffee and after taking a couple practice shots with the flower pots up front I noticed the yellow mug sneaking into them. I thought it made the picture look more fun and thus started my yellow mug photo session.

I’m happy with the way these turned out. Anytime coffee gets to come into play, I’m thrilled and it made the photos a little whimsical and different than what I’ve been doing lately. Maybe I should try a tea session next?

Looking for Originality – Superhero Edition

I know this concept is nothing new, but we seem to live in a world of reboots and sequels. From TV to film, it’s rare to find a story that’s revealing itself for the first time. You look at Disney X D and you only see superhero cartoons based on the films being produced instead of extending themselves into uncharted territory. Even when the comic world is filled to the brim with interesting characters and ideas, the TV series still cling onto what has recently been done in film. Even Batman who gets to appear in the next installment of Man of Steel is getting a new TV show this fall and also got a nice sized role in the Lego Movie. I know that the show Gotham will focus on Commissioner Gordon and I love Batman with all my heart and soul, but even I think that the Dark Knight needs to be put to rest for a moment to make room for the unknowns. You can only use the same character and plot line so many times. Even Wolverine’s leading roles are getting a bit old in the X-Men films and I’ve been a Logan fan since I was a kid.

And that’s only one example. Take a look at the films that have come out this summer alone. They’re all sequels for the most part (22 Jump Street, X-Men Days of Future Past, The Amazing Spider-Man 2) and the films on their way seem to be reboots (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Hercules). It’s rare that a new movie comes out that needs to establish itself in the film industry. I understand why the reboots and sequels are popular these days. For one, we’re getting more franchises than solo films with the Avengers and the Hobbit which are wildly popular. With anything, the film/TV industry is a business first and a business needs to be concerned with how to make the most money it can. Maybe the industry feels the need to play it safe with characters and plots that are guaranteed to draw in a crowd opening night. These stories take a great deal of money to produce and if the movie turns out to be a flop or gets little recognition, it could be devastating for the company creating it.

Yet, at the same time people get bored. As I said earlier, I love Batman and I love any superhero movie. That’s my favorite genre, but it gets dull seeing the same faces. Maybe it’s because I know there are amazing heroes that are still only known to the comic realm that deserve a chance at the silver screen or even a possible TV show. I know that the X D series will bring in heroes that haven’t arrived in film yet, but wouldn’t it be more entertaining to let those characters take the lead for a while if Spider-Man has already gotten 2 separate film trilogies within the past ten years?

That’s why I’m becoming more eager about the Guardians of the Galaxy because I hadn’t even heard of Rocket Raccoon or Gamora until the film was announced. These are characters that are nobodies to the majority of film goers and they’re getting an opportunity to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe which I find exhilarating. The film is already receiving positive attention because people want to see something new even if it is related to an already established name like Marvel. The comic book universe is vast, giving more than enough room for lesser known characters to make their mark. Thanks to the success of the Avengers, people can meet new faces and still have original movies while the industry has that safety net of being attached to a well received name. I’m only hoping the trend continues in order for film can regain some of that originality that seems to be slipping away. While I love Thor and the rest, I’d like to see stories that haven’t yet been adapted.