Snippets from England – Warwick Castle and Various Architecture

I’ve been meaning to put these up for a while now. Last December I got the incredible opportunity to visit England for two weeks through my college. The top left is Warwick Castle which is absolutely stunning in real life. Our tour guide said it had become a bit commercialized because the television series Merlin was filmed there. It was crowded, but it still felt authentic to me. I climbed all the way to the top and walked around the edges which is where I got some amazing views.The entire area surrounding the castle was vibrant rolling hills. We stayed at the castle about half the day until it was getting dark and even then it didn’t seem like enough time. It was probably my favorite place to visit during the trip.

The  bottom row are three breathtaking buildings in the Oxford area of England. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to visit these places and get some photographs. Travel photography never fails to strike me and the fact that I got to do some myself is a dream come true. I still have a folder on my laptop filled with England photos so be expecting more as I get them organized.



6 thoughts on “Snippets from England – Warwick Castle and Various Architecture

    1. Thanks! I hope I’ll have the chance to go back one day with a better camera, but the places themselves are so gorgeous that it’s difficult not to get at least one photograph that captures that beauty.

    1. Seriously? That’s awesome, I hope it blew your mind! I remember it was getting dark and the tour guide was trying to get my group back on the bus, but most of us just wanted to wander around more and walk through it again. I know there’s probably more interesting castles out there, but I was thrilled just to be at one in general.

      1. It did! They were catapulting something into who-knows-where and had falconry demonstrations for the student field trips that day. I wimped out on the haunted Castle Dungeon tour and got locked in the pillory, but at least I got my picture with a convincingly lifelike Queen Elizabeth II mannequin. In short, I love England.

        1. I chickened out of the haunted dungeon too, but if I ever get the chance to go back maybe I’ll brave it. I remember there was a jousting contest that was halfway over when my group arrived which was fun. England is beautiful in general, I had my trip over Christmas break and I still miss it like crazy. Two weeks was too short.

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