The Best Advice I’ve Ever Gotten: Part 1

Over the weekend I went to visit some family for Father’s Day. While there we started talking about random things and my grandma brought up the topic of what was the best advice you have ever gotten. It was kind of funny because no one could really answer her. Not even she could think of some good, solid advice someone had given her.

Personally, I like advice that comes in the form of a helpful life tip. I’m not a fan of the cliche advice such as “everything happens for a reason”, “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”, “always smile”, and you get the idea. I like advice that I’ll use in life. Advice that is something I’ll take to heart.

The best advice I’ve ever gotten was indirect advice. It was advice I heard on TV or something a person mentioned in the midst of a conversation. One of my all-time favorite shows is How I Met Your Mother and one piece of advice that stayed with me was from that show. There’s an episode where Ted tells his friends what his mom used to say to him which was, “Nothing good ever happens after 2a.m.” In the episode one of his friends, Barney, tries to disprove the theory, but Ted and Robin end up doing the opposite.

If you’ve seen the episode, you know how it ends. Basically it’s 2a.m. and Robin invites Ted over to “juice.” Ted agrees despite being in a long distance relationship, but he’s pretty bummed that his girlfriend didn’t call him five hours earlier like she said she would. While at Robin’s, things heat up and Ted goes into another room to contemplate whether or not he should go for Robin. In the other room Ted’s phone rings and Robin picks it up because they have the same phone and she thinks it’s hers. It ends up being Ted’s girlfriend and she isn’t too happy about having a girl pick up Ted’s phone at 2 in the morning. Not to mention that Robin is under the assumption that they broke up. As you can guess things don’t go the way Ted wanted them too.

I’m telling you this because I follow that advice in my own life. I’m a night owl, but I really do try to go to bed before 2a.m. Your mind normally tends to over-think things at night and it gets worse the later into the night you go. Since that’s the cause you may do something you’ll regret later because your brain is convincing you it’s a good idea and you don’t have enough strength to tell it no. It doesn’t have to be anything major, but if you’re texting someone that late and you’re over-thinking things you may say something you wouldn’t normally say if it was earlier in the day.

There’s other little tidbits I’ve picked up, but that would take way too long to write in one post. I’ll make other parts to this later, but I feel like this is good for now. It’s a good question to ponder on, “what is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?” Maybe you’ll think of more helpful tips that you didn’t realize were there.