Hi! First off, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! I’m Doni – just a small town girl hailing from the Midwest. I’m 22 and I’m a recent graduate with a degree in English. Yes, I know I have what some call a “useless” major, but I chose English because it stole my heart and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. I was always the kid with skyscrapers of notebooks filled with stories written in sloppy cursive. I’m proud to say my handwriting has improved, but I now use Word to contain all my creative ideas.

There’s an abundance of career paths I’d love explore, but one of my dreams is to become a travel writer/photographer. I’d also like to teach college courses and publish a book one day. A lot of farfetched goals, I know, but  honestly as long as I’m in a career where I can be creative and artistic I’ll be living my dream and I don’t plan to give that up anytime soon.

As for right now I’m using this blog to improve my writing skills, keep me encouraged, and get my words out there. I normally post little life experiences and daily thoughts concerning writing or film (with miscellaneous topics making guest appearances) at least once a week (normally on Thursdays). WordPress has really become a second home for me and I hope to keep writing for as long as I can.

rolling hills

Additional Sites:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DoniYork17

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/doni-york/93/b1b/939

Photography: http://doniyorkphotography.wordpress.com/


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  1. I’ve also just nominated you for a Liebster Award lol. Hadn’t seen you had already been nominated and there is no pressure, but thought I’d let you know :)

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